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Services Include:

Interior Specialist

All of your interior needs including painting walls, ceiling, baseboards, window ledges, crown molding, chair rails, doors, caulking, fill in nail holes, repair stress cracks in sheetrock, patches in sheetrock, water leak stains, closets, interior and exterior doors. Also, build shelves, closets, pantry, shoe rack, laundry rooms and all types of trim carpentry. Installation of ceiling fans, mini blinds, light fixtures, garbage disposals, attic stairways. Wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal.

Exterior Services

Install enclosures on gables, vent pipes to keep small animals from entering. Change facial boards and siding and caulk. Build or repaid picket fences. Power wash driveways, sidewalks, decks, house. Paint exterior surfaces. Stain exterior doors.

Taping/Floating & Sheetrocking

Repair holes, water leaks, build new walls, installs metal stripping on window and door openings. No sanding blocks – use water and sponge and wet blocks for sanding to eliminate dust particles in the air

Trim Carpentry

Build shelves for all closets, laundry room, bathrooms, pantries, % bedrooms. Install door trim and baseboards, chair rails, crown molding. Install cabinets and interior doors.

Shelves, interior doors

Build shelves and rods in any room. Install metal organizers in closets, cabinets, garages, or wherever needed. Install and paint interior doors. Stain and clear interior doors, shelves, rods, cabinets.

Power washing

Includes decks, driveways, porches, garages, sidewalks, vinyl or aluminum siding on house, exterior of house, picket fences

Drywall Repair

This includes doorknob holes, fist in sheetrock, falling through ceilings, termite damage, water leaks, stains, flooding. I will match current texture. Remove Popcorn Ceiling
Will cover belongings in house, remove popocorn ceiling and will repair any taping and floating due to popocorn removal.

Hang Blinds, Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Will remove old blinds and repair any holes due to removal and will install new blinds, fixture and ceiling fans.

Wallpaper Removal

Remove old wallpaper or any borders and repair any marks or glue in sheetrock and will prepare the surface for texturing or wallpaper.

Paint or Install Cabinets

Will paint or stain cabinets. Will remove old cabinets and install new cabinets. On previously stained cabinets, will sand and refinish surface for clear finish.

Monterey Drag texture - North Austin Home Repairs


Will paint all interior walls, ceilings, closets, trim, doors, window sills, crown molding, chair rails, fireplace mantels. Will paint paneling, bead board. Will paint all exterior surfaces, including aluminum garage doors, front and back doors. Can spray, roll or brush surfaces. Prime and paint oil base or water base paints. I make no profit on paint and materials.


Can apply various types of textures such as Monterey drag, crow's foot, stars (1970), roll texture, paint texture. On each texture can apply thick or thin. On specialty textures for faux finishes, a trowel texture with a stomp and drag to create a stone finish.

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